The Goddess

In Earth based spirituality the Goddess is honored in many different ways and by many different names. Mainstream religions have one God and particular values and rules of behavior in which to uphold. Earth based traditions are as varied as the thousands of deities and landscapes they represent.  For some people she is a mountain, for others she is the sea moving in rhythm with the will of moon.  She is reflected in the elements and she reflects aspects of ourselves. But for most people honoring the Earth based traditions, we see creation and beauty in forms of the Earth Mother.  She is a not a being in a sacred far away land. She is the Earth beneath us, she is the water we drink and the air we breathe. Sacred life and physical life are intertwined in a rich and potent tapestry.

For me the Goddess is firstly the landscape around me and the rhythm and richness she creates me. She is the Great Mother Danu, Wise Earth Mother, energy of creation, birth and knowledge. She is the Warrior Morrigan and the sweet fire of Bridget. She is the deep waters of the heart, she is Sulis. She is the magick on the wind.

Some people take the path of a Priestess or Priest , others explore magick to enhance their sense of self or occasionally use ritual to mark moments of great change or to help their spirit in times of great need. In whatever way you decide to use the beauty of magick and ceremony, know that you are practicing the blessings of the Earth, handed down over centuries. We have always worked in rhythm with the Earth; we are part of her eco-system.

Magick is understanding the seasons of the Earth and weaving ourselves into her rhythm as she moves. Magick is listening to the songs and lessons of nature and having the courage to truly know yourself. Magick is recognising that the sacred is here, right now, and that nature in her power, is a wild, organic and beautiful force who responds to honour. Magick is recognising you.

- Jodie

Image copyright © 2008 Wytchy Ways. Used with permission. 
Image copyright © 2008 Wytchy Ways. Used with permission.