Spring Equinox

Posted by Jodie, 01 October 2008 9:00 AM | PERMALINK

What a wonderful Spring Equinox it has been. Spring Equinox, also known as Alban Eiler or Ostara, the time when day and night stand equal and spring birth explodes through the landscape.  The time of light is growing and the Sun Gods warmth upon the Mother brings new growth. It is a time for new beginnings, to weave yourself into the landscape and grow with her. As the Earth Mother explodes with her fertility and light-how are you growing with her tide? Spring is a time of new ventures and sprouting new ideas. This Spring I sow the seed of Oakwillow into the fertile hands of GAIA at the Goddess conference in October. I bury my painted eggs into the deep rich earth of Danu and breathe deep into the new sweetness in the air. It is the time of the powerful Maiden and the young Horned God, dancing in their youth, awaiting the union of Beltaine as the fertility of the Earth reaches her crescendo. Enjoy the nectar and sweetness of your springtide and may the seeds you sow be fruitful .

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