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Image above: Moon Goddess with southern hemisphere moon cycles created by Judy (Oakwillow student 2010)

Have you ever wanted to learn the Celtic Wheel of the Year from a southern hemisphere perspective?

April 1st 2013 the third Oakwillow Magick circle will began. This 13 month course will run again April to April (Samhaine to Samhaine) and you can register interest at any time during the year. This will involve a 13 month online training course in Earth-Based Spirituality, open to both men and women.

Online correspondence is available to people in the Southern Hemisphere who may, due to geography, health concerns, family commitments or just a preference to work independently, enjoy correspondence training.

Participants will finish the course with an understanding of the Celtic wheel of the year, sacred circle work, use of the elements and they will enjoy the pleasure of personal journey through Earth-based ritual. The course has a strong focus on the southern wheel of the year and listening to the Earth Mother as she speaks in each place. The course will awaken a deep understanding of the rhythms of the Earth, the Goddess flowing through the seasons and the change the seasons bring about in ourselves as the wheel turns.

Students will be sent assignments and information packs monthly and asked to complete their journey work using a combination of: journal keeping, research, art work, writing, craft and ritual practice. Some students will use all these elements and journey deep, but not all assignments are ‘mandatory’. However all students need to do some form of check in with me each month to touch base. All students also have access to a private discussion forum to discuss their ideas and thoughts with current and past students as well as myself.

For 2013/14 only there will be a substantial discount on the 13 month course. Instead of $50 per month ($650 entire course) you will be offered a $400 one off payment ($350 for pension card holders) and be given the entire course work to do in your own time. I received feedback this year that many people wanted much more time on certain months and skipped through others quickly. Therefore I am giving you all the packages upfront to allow you to dive deep into the Mother when you can and not have any time restrictions on what work you do. All students will still have access to the private student forum and support from me across the year. I think this will be a big win win! Substantially cheaper and more flexible course for YOU- but still have same 13 month deep journey! Plus less admin for me and more talking to YOU about your Earth Mother journey.

The monthly assignments are designed to be taken consecutively over the year; however flexible arrangements can be made in certain circumstances. Assignments are submitted via email and individual feedback is provided to each student.

Insight and knowledge into Earth based traditions can ignite a deep sense of wisdom of both self and the depth of Earth Mother’s Law. To become a true Son or Daughter of the Earth is to weave yourself into the Great Mother as her seasons turn, and to have the courage to truly know the power and sacredness of our Earth, and that sacred reflection in you.

For more information or to be sent a student information sheet and student form- contact Jodie Danaan at Monthly summaries are also listed below.

I do hope you will come spin with us into this magickal realm, deeper into yourself, deeper into the Earth Mother…

Image above Bridget artwork (Jennifer, Oakwillow student 2010)

Daughter/ Son of the Earth Journey- monthly summaries

April 2013- The first month will involve an introduction to seasonal work and the wheel of the year, you will learn grounding meditations; work with lavender, begin reflections, and work closely with the Earth creating sacred spaces, and do some ritual activities to welcome the transformational power of Samhaine. You will work more closely with the element of Air and the herb of sage.

May 2013- The second month will look at the layers of the Celtic sacred circle and involve assignments and artwork that deepen your understanding of Air, fire, Water and Earth and the flow of the elements in the circle and in our lives. You will research Gods and Goddesses that connect to your culture or interests, and work closely with the element of fire and wand magick while using Dragons blood and frankincense.

June 2013- The third month will be a preparation for the coming Winter Solstice and working with the Crone Goddess. It is a time of deep reflection and journey. You will reflect on your own personal history and work closely with the element of water as you think about what needs to be washed away, and feel the bliss of purification and self blessing rituals. You will also begin this water healing in a place of your choosing in nature.

July 2013- The fourth month will be a celebration of Imbolc, a time of new beginnings, honesty and purity, while using angelica and deepening your self-blessing rites. You will research maiden Goddesses and develop a deeper understanding of the Goddess Bridget, and work closely with the element of Earth. Over this month, you will also look at sacred places for the Earth Mother, around the world and close to home.

August 2013- The fifth month will be a focus on home and environment. You will look at practically being WITH the Earth Mother in every day living, and what changes you can make environmentally to be living in a more harmonious state with the Earth. You will learn elemental house cleansing rituals, research environmental magick, work with the herbs Vervain and Rue, and deepen your understanding of the fertile work of Bees.

September 2013- The sixth month is the celebration and joy of the Spring Equinox. You will look at your own ventures and growth, paint eggs and sow your wishes into the Earth Mother to grow. As the land becomes more fertile and flowers bloom, we will look at the Mother Goddesses the herb of tansy and you will create art or a song in honour of a Mother Goddess.

October 2013- The seventh month is about celebrating the sacred sexual and sensual self. You will research Gods and Goddesses associated with sex and love, learn about sexuality as a form of nurturing the Earth Mother and utilize herbs such as Damiana and basil. You will learn about the rituals of Beltaine, and look at increasing pleasure, beauty, and love in your own everyday life.

November 2013- The eighth month is a journey into working with the Moon and the sacred feminine. You will learn about moons phases, cycles and blessings, and how that cycle moves through the world and our bodies. You will create ritual and art in honour of the moon mother and use visionary herbs like Mugwort to connect into her dreaming.

December 2013- The ninth month is a journey into working with the Sun and the sacred masculine. It is the celebration of the Summer Solstice and the peak of the Suns warmth and light. You will research Celtic Sky, thunder and Sun Gods; do rituals to honour the Sun’s warmth and reflect upon the sacred masculine and men in your life.

January 2014- the tenth month is the journey into Lughnasad, the harvest festival. You will look at what you are grateful for in your own harvest and do ritual that honours the season. It is a time to release fear and regrets and enjoy your own personal harvest.

February 2014- The eleventh month will be an exploration of the magickal realm of faerie. You will learn about elemental fae, and how to work with faeirie magicks, in order to enhance your relationship with the Earth. You will learn about faerie plants and herbs, visioning work and the playfulness, joys and obligations that come with the realm of faerie.

March 2014- the twelfth month is a celebration of Autumn Equinox. This month will be about finding balance and taking stock of where you are in your journey. We will celebrate the season and have assignments based in bringing balance and reflection on the past years journey.

April 2014- The thirteenth and final month is the completion of the daughter/ Son of the Earth journey. It is the Samhaine celebration and time of transformation. You will learn about rosemary at the time of remembrance and death and as you are reborn into the next wheel of the year, you will reflect on your 13 months of magickal studies and complete a self-initiation rite to complete your journey.

Image above: Creating sacred space (Viv, Oakwillow student 2011)

Oakwillow Testimonials

I feel the most important thing i have gained is REALLY getting in touch with the part of me that knows i am connected to the earth, like remembering a long lost dream, who i am meant to be, always was, and finding her again, that part that wants to connect further and travel this path with integrity, with sacred presence. This is a course whereby I am learning about earth based spirituality through history and around the globe, whilst at the same time working out what this means to me. It I know i have a long way to go, but i feel i am growing the foundations so the path will become less rocky and more obvious. This is exciting as it is something that I looked to for the course to provide. Briony, Qld

I really enjoyed this month and it has brought back to my beginnings in the craft and I remembered the joy and wonderment I felt and am now recharged… I am enjoying this so much and am feeling much more connected to the Mother. Friends have noticed the change in my energy! For me, the most important thing I have gained from this study is that magic is around me, part of me and used every day. It is not just something to do when you need/want something. Magick is the connection to the Mother, the elements and all living things. We are part of the Earth not separate from it
Blessings… Margaret, Sydney

I have never connected with the Elements so mindfully and personally, I had such an amazing understanding of them within myself… Mary, Regional Vic.

This course is helping me to connect with nature and in turn myself, providing an outlet for my creativity, art and gardening…delving into the world of the goddess to help connect the hidden layers that make up who I am and also an outlet to not only explore these layers but to express them … Jennifer, Canberra

This course is a lifeline for me at present, helping to keep me balanced and connected… its a wonderful journey, of deepening your knowledge of goddesses, nature, cycles + seasons, ancestry, etc. It feels a lot like a shamanic “soul retrieval” to me, as I learn to listen and understand nature more and connecting to past goddess’s and ancestry I feel more complete. Thanks you again for another great month of learning and sharing …Judy D, Gold Coast Hinterland

This course serves to provide a grounded and practical framework for interacting with the earth and the goddess through meaningful and simple practices, activities, and ideas. The assignments are set out in an easy to follow way. Realising that magick doesn’t have to be about specific rituals and well-constructed rites, but can be as simple as stopping to appreciate a soft breeze, noticing a pretty flower that is aching to be appreciated by somebody, drinking water when you re thirsty and realising the ways in which the earth gives everything so we can all survive. This course has taught me that the most important thing we can do magickally is to open our eyes and our hearts. …Jack Brisbane

I love the student discussion forum, it has helped me a lot and I love sharing and seeing other peoples thoughts and ideas. I am so grateful that I came across this course, I have tried different things over the years joined groups but they were all huff and puff and show and no real substance so I lost interest until I started looking into myself again and went no this is my path and there has to be someone real out there to help and just like magic I came upon Oakwillow- lyndell, regional qld

I love the feedback that I receive from Jodie, it is so personal and from the heart and from her experience. I feel like I probably don’t give too much away and yet she is always so open and giving of her time and energy and intuitive in her responses. I find that Jodie provides encouragement at just the right times, gives prompts and gentle nudges which keeps me moving, without feeling hassled, or as though the course is a burden. I like that the course is by correspondence, and that although a guideline is provided, it is self-paced. I love the background provided to each assignment, particularly the personal touch that Jodie gives it, speaking not only knowledge but powerfully from her wealth of experience. It is inspiring and authentic. I like that the assignment component is clearly identified, with journal topics, daily ritual, and things to do and complete with further reading recommendations. Congratulations on a very well run and executed course Jodie. It sings of your passion, your journey and your experiences, providing so much knowledge and yet allowing so much space for students to find their own knowledge through their experiences of the learning’s available. It has a unique structure which allows students to get out of it whatever they wish for and commit to in themselves. Briony, Qld

Email Jodie Danaan at if you have any questions or to receive your information pack for the 2012

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