Herbs & Magick

Magickal Herbs

Herbs have been used for across cultures for centuries to inspire the spirit, calm the nerves, excite the body and bring pleasure and joy.

The Oakwillow bath range and rite packs contain a careful selection of herbs and essential oils blended to a sweet aromatic and powerful result.

I have also listed below several of the herbs used in magick to share for your own journey into the rich gifts of Mother Nature. Please note that this list is specifically for magical use. If you use herbs in teas or in capsules be sure to research them or consult with a naturopath. Mother Nature is powerful and natural doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Many herbs are beneficial, treat illnesses and relieve stress, but herbs are strong and can also interact with existing medications or illnesses. So be informed when using them.

In ritual herbs can be offered to the Earth, scattered on the ground or form the boundary of sacred space. They can soak in magickal baths or be bound into rites or spells. They can be burnt as incense allowing the oils and aroma to also alter moods and soaked in ritual drinks. Herbs are a beautiful way to enhance the magical space.

Enjoy the beauty and strength of the Earth ….Jodie

  • Agrimony- is a cleansing herb and soothes emotional troubles and calms the chatter of the mind when trying to sleep. Agrimony is especially good for people who may be highly sensitive and conceal some of their inner worries. Agrimony when combined with mugwort also promotes healing and aids in protection magick.
  • Anise- aphrodisiac herb, associated with love and romance, historically it was placed in the cakes of couples. The sweet aroma is said to induce sweet dreams and also offers protection and purification.
  • Angelica- restores health and has been used as a bathing herb that brings energy of radiance and joy. Angelica offers strong protection from negative energy and cleanses the aura. Bringing positive energy, insight and inspiration. The herb is associated with fire and the Goddess Venus and is thought to bring longevity and healing.  Angelica is a protective herb that calms the nerves and reduces tension leaving you with a sense of joy.                                         
  • Basil- is associated with love, fertility, romance, wealth and releasing fear of the unknown. Inspires courage and strength, a strong protection herb associated with the element of fire. Basil has a history of being used in love divination and blessing charms for couples and for money magic and inspiring success. In ancient Europe it was customary to exchange a sprig of basil as a sign of faithfulness and love.
  • Borage- derived from the Celtic word meaning courage or bravery. Borage fortifies the inner self and brings strength and joy, even during hardship.
  • Camomile- the delightful fruity aroma calms emotions and anxiety, soothes the body and assists with muscle and joint pain.  Camomile leaves you with a soft glow and repairs and improves skin health. Camomile corresponds to the element of water and is associated with various Sun Gods. It attracts the energy of love and has protective qualities and is known to lift the spirit.  It is also associated with being a prosperity herb. With its soothing and healing properties it has often been used to aid depression and anxiety.
  • Cinnamon- ruled by Aphrodite, cinnamon has strong stimulant properties and assists those wanting to strengthen intellect and clarity.  Assists with focusing the mind and enhancing communication. While having strong associations to love, cinnamon also is considered a prosperity herb. It has a long history of use as a herb used for business, attracting wealth and building a sense of abundance. Corresponds to the Lovers card in Tarot and has been used in magic that focuses upon sexuality and love, as the fragrance of cinnamon is considered an aphrodisiac.
  • Damiana- stimulates lust, sexuality and arousal, also traditionally used for sex magick and increasing psychic ability. Damiana stimulates the sexual organs and is used as an aphrodisiac. Associated with the element of fire it has a history of being used to relax people into love making and promote dreaming.
  • Fennel- Protects Home, family and fertility and is associated with the alibility to face danger and adversity. Gathered Midsummer Eve and hung in the home.
  • Hops -Used most often in dream pillows and ale, a herb that brings peaceful and restful sleep and promotes healing.  In a dream pillow Hops relaxes the muscles around the neck.
  • Lavender- brings healing, calm and purification . It is derived from the latin lavare meaning to wash and associated with the Goddess Hecate and several snake Goddesses. Lavender brings a sense of stability and is a deep calming herb. It is considered a herb of prosperity due to its stabilising effect and ability to bring peace and security to the home. It is often used as a ritual herb and herb of blessing and raises the vibration of any rite.  It brings balance and sooths the mind when disrupted by nightmares. Lavender brings freedom from emotional distress restoring balance and calm.
  • Lemon Balm- bathing herb of romance, it attracts the energy of love. Known as the ‘elixir of life’ it is thought to make the heart strong and relieve anxiety. Relieves tensions and brings calm. Lemon Balm is a soothing soak and clears the skin.
  • Lemongrass- this delicate lemon scented herb can have a strong meditative effect and relieve sore muscles.
  • Mint-Brings pleasure to the household has energy of success and protection.
  • Mugwort -for deep restful sleep and relaxing the nervous system and known for stimulating intuitive, colourful and lucid dreaming.  Mugwort is also a herb of protection, visionary herb, herb associated with women and the Goddess Dianna and Artimis, and inspires dreaming & visions. (comp. Silver, moonstone & pearls)
  • Peppermint- brings pleasure, success and protection. Peppermint stimulates virility and has a tranquilising effect. Peppermint in baths can raise the body’s temperature and while associated with the element of fire it brings a sense of coolness and calm to the spirit. It is a visionary herb, a herb of purification and one that excites love.
  • Roses and Thorns-Roses-represents love and beauty. Rose opens the heart and selflessness and ability to see beauty. Thorn- protection of faerie, welcomes earth spirits to your home.
  • Rosemary- enhances memory, used for protection and purification. Enhances energy and repels negative influences. Rosemary worn brings strength when facing difficulty or confronting an adversary. Rosemary is associated protection, mental alertness and strength and clarity of thought.
  • Sage- herb of purification and wisdom. Sage enhances clarity of the mind and spirit, promotes healing and clears negative energy.
  • St Johns Wort: Gathered mid-Summer, St Johns Wort of Bels herbs is a  herb to honour Sun/Bel. It is associated with protection, the Sun and the element of fire. People used to hang St Johns Wort in their homes to protect the home from lighting and storms.
  • Verbena/vervain- name derived from the Celtic ferfain ‘to drive away a stone’. Sacred herb for love and relaxation. Verbena is a visionary herb, enhancing dreaming and inspiration, and creates a sense of healing and peace. It is emotionally calming, a herb of protection, romance and purification and has been used to cleanse altars and magickal tools. Vervain scattered around your garden or around your home is said to attract wealth. This herb was used by the Celts to relieve emotional pressure and as a relaxation herb, and was viewed as a herb of immortality, protection and love. It is sacred to Diana, Isis, Aradia, Mars, Ceridwen and Venus. Verbena (along with lavender and St John’s wort) is thrown into the fire on summer solstice as an offering and to make wishes for abundance for the coming season. Verbena has also been worn by artists and performers to bring inspiration.  The dried herb scattered around the home brings calm, peace, prosperity and protection.
  • White Willow- herb of immortality, protection and the underworld. Sacred to Hecate, Hermes and Hera. One of the sacred trees of the Celts and often used for tools such as wand making. Willow brings lightness, neutralising negativity, allowing you to regain perspective. This beautiful protective tree that aligns to the waters and the moon and is said to inspire and enchant.
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