Birthing the Sun/Son of Winter Solstice, birthing light and hope

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Winter Solstice/ Alban Arthuran

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Timing of Winter Solstice

Alban Arthuran is celebrated on June 20-23 in the Southern hemisphere and December 20-23 in the Northern hemisphere. Winter solstice or Yule is the shortest day of the year and marks the lengthening of the days from this point on. The solstice occurs when the rotational axis of the Earth is titled by an angle of 23.5 from vertical. The Earth leans on its axis causing the solstice (solstice means ‘sun standing still’ – which means literally the sun will rise and fall in the exact position) and the variation and cooling in seasons as we tilted far from the sun.                        

 History and Stories of Winter Solstice

The Solstice is the rebirth of the Sun and the rebirth of the mother’s son.  On the solstice the Sun returns and the days become longer and warmer from this day forward. It is also the day that birth of the Sun God is celebrated. The Solstice has been an important marker in the landscape across time. Hundreds of megalithic sites around the world are constructed to honour this exact moment in time.

Darkness is celebrated before the birth of the sun. In the old times people kept fires burning through the longest night and would feast as winter set in. They would remain with the Goddess as she laboured through the darkest night and sit in stillness until that moment of the birthing dawn, as the Sun/Son returned to the landscape once more.

In the northern Hemisphere midwinter falls on the christian calendar date of Christmas. However the returning light and birth of the divine son at midwinter has been honoured well before Christianity was ever practised. The Celts honoured the Sun God at this time, other gods (Dionysus, Attis, Mithras and Baal to name a few) were all Gods born into the world at the point of midwinter.

Evergreen wreaths symbolising the wheel of the year are placed on doorways. I often start a wreath at Samhaine (the Celtic new year) and thread herbs and ribbons from each festival into the wreath as the year goes on, then burn it the following Samhaine.

 At winter the Crone Goddesses are also honored. They are our ancient ancestors, wise and bold. They stare through our souls and sit calmly in the stillness of winter. The crones, hags, grandmothers…they are the gatekeepers of death and transformation, holders of the keys to the underworld. When we listen to their wisdom and have the courage to walk beside them, it is here in the darkness that we uncover the secrets to our souls. From their wisdom we learn that life is continually reborn and death is part of the cauldron of life that spins and circles, transforming all it touches. It is here that we pass through the pain of our challenges and are re-born in the light of the winter solstice dawn.

It is the season that in the cold of winter, we celebrate and strengthen the coming light. Pagans would decorate evergreen trees with shiny ornaments, to remind us even in the darkness of winter the light is emerging. It is also a reminder that for light to grow, we need to take action to strengthen and nurture that light. It is essentially a season of emerging hope. The Mother births the Sun/Son- she also births hope and renews our trust in a world of possibilities to come. We move through the darkest point of the year, and from the intensity of the mother’s womb, we birth hope and light into our lives.

As Starhawk so beautifully stated…“Each year the Great Mother labors through the long night to give birth again to the new year, to hope and light. This year the darkness has been intense.  The bright hopes of last year are worn and tattered from obstructions and betrayals and compromise.  Our personal health and the health of all the life support systems of the planet hang in balance, and how can we tell whether we’ve inched forwards or been sucked back into deals and appeasements worse than what went before.  Last year we hoped for an end to war—this year we see war escalate.  Last year we chose a road of change; this year it looks only too much like the same old road we were on before.

But the message of Solstice is this:  hope does not come once into the world and fulfill itself.  Hope and light must constantly be reborn, over and over again.  They wax and wane, and must be renewed. That renewal, that birthing, requires labor.  Labor means work, commitment, perseverance through that time when it seems you just can’t push any more.  The cervix dilates slowly, pang by pang.  The child begins to emerge, is drawn back, pushed forward another increment.

We are the laboring Mother, we are the spark of light.  New possibilities kick and squirm within us.  No, it’s not easy to bring them forth, but we are strong, and we are made for this work.  Bear down…breathe…push.  This morning the sun rises; each day a new world is born.” From Starhawks online blog… 

Herbs and Symbols of Winter Solstice

Mistletoe- Represents friendship and affection. Add mistletoe to your solstice incenses, hang it in doorways and toss Mistletoe berries into the fire to represent your wishes and dreams increasing as the Sun grows. Associated strongly with the Celts as a fertility and protection herb, an aphrodisiac and a visionary herb. It is a herb of re-birth and joy. Traditionally used in incenses and hung at mid-winter.

Holly- Ruled by the moon and sacred to the Celts, this herb was brought into the home during midwinter. It was thought holly would give the faeries safe refuge during the cold times. Ironically many people (in the northern hemisphere) still decorate their homes in holly during midwinter today.

Camomile- Symbolises the Sun God and return of the light and warmth to the land. You can decorate your altar or circle with chamomile flowers and bring a burst of sunshine to the space. I also like to add marigold, wattle or calendula flowers for the sun.

Pine cones- Traditionally used at winter solstice, the fresh sent of the pine cones and evergreens are used for cleansing a space, creating a positive energy and returning to source.

Milk and honey- I also like to pour milk and honey over the stones of my circle, or into the
Earth Mother, to bless her and bring her sweetness and nourishment as she labours.

Colours- red, green, gold and white

Activities during Winter Solstice

    • A ceremony to honour men in your life as the Sun God is re-birthed. You may want to write a poem or letter to a man in your life that has supported you with his strength and light.
    • A ceremony to honour birthing or nursing mothers (like a blessing way) to celebrate the beauty of birth at the time when the Great Mother gives birth to the divine son. Share beautiful birthing stories and give gifts to a new mother, and honour the power and strength of motherhood as the Goddess labours.
    • Choose something to let go of into the longest night, then from the seeds of winter decide what you want to grow in yourself as the sun grows, which part of your life you want to grow….
    • Wreath making- The wreaths (that hand on doors) are an old symbol of the wheel of the year. Decorate or make a wreath that represents either the growing light, or the wheel of the year.
    • Decorate a tree or bring evergreen boughs into the house decorated with shiny or bright objects that remind you of the returning light of the sun.
    • Make and serve hot apple cider and feast together to celebrate the longest night
    • Make an altar that celebrates women, fertility and birthing as the Goddess gives birth to the promise of light
    • Children may like to do paintings of the sun, or make shiny decorations to hang around the home or garden. You could also cook a birthday cake to celebrate the birth of the Son/Sun, and decorate the cake with bright yellow and orange to reflect the sun’s light.
    • As the old people did, have a bonfire and stay up during the night to be with the Goddess as she labours in the darkest night (or maybe just the last part before dawn), chant to her labouringythm, and then celebrate as the dawn sun rises to welcome the sun’s/son’s return to the land.
    • In the dark, the Mother labours…we sit with her through the longest night. Then at solstice dawn as she births the Sun, the light, the divine son… our warmth and hope is reborn to the world.   









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Pagan View of the QLD Flood Crisis

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Sitting here with no internet or phone, listening only to the now familiar sound of television choppers overhead I cannot help reflecting on the flood crisis that now has 75% of our state declared a national disaster zone. After leaving my home late at night with no power as the high tide came in I have now just returned. A few blocks from me a deep lake has appeared where the train tracks and industrial zone once was and the news is filled with heartbreaking stories of lost lives and homes.


My senses feel so heightened in these last few days, listening and watching the land. It has amazed me how similar we all are. As the waters rolled in, people scurried about- such a nervous energy in the air. I sat in my garden watching the birds doing much the same. As the water level rose and started swallowing streets, people began to be displaced, homes were lost. I walked down to the waters edge and saw snakes, legless lizards trying find somewhere to hide, spiders clutching their eggs all scrambling on the flood waters edge. I saved several of them moving them to higher ground.


I find myself in two minds in this crisis. One the Morrigain Mother; as the waters approached packing my bags, being fiercely protective of my baby and sand bagging my doors on alert, the sense of my sword on my back as I watch so defensively the water level on my road and the creek that runs so close to my home. Secondly, the Danu Earth Mother is glowing in me, feeling the immense power of HER flowing across our country with such force and magnificence.


While my heart breaks for the many displaced people and animals, I have not felt afraid or angry during this crisis. I trust that our Earth Mother has much to do to align herself, and I watch with excitement to see the great powerful Mother shift what She needs to. Before my power went out two days ago, I received countless emails and face book requests. ‘S/category/uncategorized/top.jpg the floods’ ‘meditation against the floods’ ‘healing energy to s/category/uncategorized/top.jpg the waters’. Face book pages full of comments about the violent or angry waters, what is the earth telling us, what have we done? I have found it perplexing reading these. Perhaps it is because I come from a pagan and not christian perspective. Christianity -a religion that views nature as something to be controlled, or as a sign of punishment from God. I neither think she should be controlled- nor do I have any inclination to control Her. I do not believe I have that right. She is the Earth Mother. She knows what she is doing. I do not want to s/category/uncategorized/top.jpg the floods, or meditate to lower the waters and change Her course of action. Presuming I believed in the first place that I had more power than the Earth Mother. She is doing what she needs to and I will nothing to get in her way.


Floods are a part of the natural world, part of Her cycle; she uses them periodically while balancing in Her ecosystem. In my research, my visioning and my work as a Priestess I have found that the Earth Mother does many things in the natural world to bring things into balance, as they should be. Shifting lay lines, song lines and energy webs across the lands. She does this without personal vendetta to anyone. It is not punishment, it is not a message, and you are not blessed if your house was spared in these last few days, as mine was. She is just doing what she needs to, aligning the Earth, and the best we can do is just listen and get out of Her way. She is doing great work of a grand scale, and she will not s/category/uncategorized/top.jpg for us.



Our land is flooding; moving and creating new lines in the Earth, and not coincidently three cyclones are also shifting and swirling the seas right now too. Our destroyer Goddess is at work, with Her great power of transformation. She is re-birthing, and to birth and renew there first must be destruction. This is no accident, nor punishment; it is the natural order of the Earth.


The birds are now busy re-building their nests as I put back all my belongings that have been precariously balanced on tables. The thick smell of the Death Hag is heavy in the air and I sit for a moment and welcome Her, and wait for the fertile birth that will follow. I listen to our now labouring mother moving intensely through the Earth and I pledge to take time to be with Her in this time of great transformation. Just like labour, I will not fight against this great power, but surrender to the immensity of it, and let the amazing process of deep darkness, transform the blood and tears into a the light of new creation.



Jodie Danaan

January 14th 2010


Men -The Balance in Service to the Earth Mother

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Image copyright © 2008 Wytchy Ways. Used with permission

Before connecting with Goddess communities I had over twenty years of magick working in small groups, in solitary or with close friends. It had never occurred to me that the term Goddess could be used in reference to define exclusively female spirituality. Goddess to me is a wonderful term of love for our Mother Earth and a sacred path of wisdom and respect. To me it has never been a term to define ‘women’s spirituality’ or claim the Earth path as a spirituality for women. However, my journey into Goddess communities over the last few years has left me quite perplexed. Wonderful circles of women fill the spaces, yet no men? I have experienced great workshops, conferences, training and ceremonies, but my brothers who honour Goddess cannot be there. I have been told time and time again that women need gender specific space, and while I believe that to be true for BOTH men and women, there is also a great need to bring balance back to our Earth and to our lives.

We cannot replace patriarchy with matriarchy; we do not do the Earth Mother or ourselves any service by this act. Matri-focal Goddess cultures did not have women ruling at the expense of men.  In Celtic cultures, women were great Priestesses, War chiefs, Mothers, leaders, weavers, artists and warriors, but this by no means represents a culture that holds their men to the side of their magick or society. Celtic men too were leaders, warriors, fathers, war chiefs and artists. Druids who devoted their lives to the Mother, even kings could not be crowned until partaking in the rites of Beltaine with Priestesses.

Some claim men will take over ‘our’ spirituality. But we do not allow ego and dominance in circles from women when it occurs, we deal with it, and we cannot be afraid of male strength. We need men to lead as well as support. We should also not confuse strong men with dominant and abusive forms of patriarchy. Strong women need strong men and strong men need strong women.

However too often men of the Goddess who could be great leaders in our community, are left to ‘help’ with cleaning up after ceremony or wait outside until circle is finished. While I respect and honour many men who help and support their women with Goddess work, we must remember that there are also men who wish to live their lives in the transformative power that is Earth based magick and Goddess Law. Yet, experienced men who have devoted their lives to Goddess are expected to wait outside or stand quiet in circle, while women new to Goddess are asked to facilitate. Eventually they drift away to more meaningful circles or they abandon Earth-based magick entirely.

We are losing our sacred sons at a time when balance and healing is critical.

I believe we are going through a time of transition and healing. Many of the women who have found Earth based spirituality are often using it as sanctuary from patriarchy and a place to heal from past violence and affirm the rights of women in a safe space. Sometimes it is simply a kind of spiritual ‘time out’ from the demands of life as a mother, wife or daughter. We must maintain these very important spaces of women’s strength and healing. The red tent movement has been a great testament to creating powerful healing spaces for women and facilitating great insight and change.

But we cannot afford to make women’s space our centre. It is time to make the centre of Goddess spirituality a place of service, clarity, community and balance. A place where both male and female specific space is honored, but the centre point is OUR community for all. This centre is a place of leaders, a place where the needs of both men and women are met, and a place where the Goddesses and the Gods walk together in honour and celebration.

Maybe it’s the sociologist in me, driving this, identifying gaps and wanting change- or maybe it’s the Priestess in me, watching the Earth spin in fertile circles of light and dark, male and female and the dance of the Sun and Moon across our skies- yet watching the Goddess community sing to one song  with no polarity, interplay or dance. For me when I want to understand something I always go back to the Earth, what am I seeing? Is my life practice in harmony with the song of the Earth Mother? In this area the community is too far from how the Earth spins her beauty.

Just as the Moon dances across the sky with the Sun, and light and dark dance together across the seasons and in ourselves, so too must we call for men and women to stand together and bring a truly fertile and rich spirituality to our community and to our Mother Earth.  The seasons do not spin on female spirituality alone, the Earth Mother and our bodies blossom in their fertility in this sacred union. Sun Gods and forest Gods spin in a respectful and beautiful union with the Goddess.  The Earth operates in this beautiful divinity, and so must we.

In Indigenous Earth based spirituality Gods, male leaders, male sexuality and the male body are sacred. He is potent and strong, emotional , tender and wild. He is not to be confused with the abusive and socially constructed forms of masculinity that have plagued patriachical society, or newer sky based Gods of the book religions who ‘rule over’ rather than lead with women. He is the untamed wild stag, the warrior, the Sun warming the Earth Mother, the trickster faerie, the divine son, the forest dweller, the loving Father, and the Beltaine lover bringing fertility to the land. The God of many names spins in an intimate dance with the Goddess across the seasons,  giving, living dying and being reborn.

As Starhawk so eloquently put it; “ At Winter Solstice he is born as the embodiment of innocence and joy, of a childlike delight of all things. He is the triumph of the returning light. At Bridget… his growth is celebrated, as the days grow visibly longer. At the Spring Equinox, He is the green, flourishing youth who dances with the Goddess in her maiden aspect. On Beltaine…their marriage is celebrated with maypoles and bonfires, and on Summer Solstice it is consummated, in a union so complete it becomes a death…He is mourned at Lughnasad and at Fall Equinox he sleeps in the womb of the Goddess, sailing over the sunless sea that is her womb. At Samhain…He arrives at the land of youth, the shining land in which souls of the dead grow young again, as they wait to be reborn…He too grows young, until at Winter Solstice He is again reborn. (Spiral dance: 1989; 114)

Our men are crucial elements in the divine dance with our Goddess. We can no longer lose our sacred sons. The doors need to open, with all the transition and messiness that will mean. We have powerful strong men out there, ready to be our warriors for the Goddess and we leave them at the door. It is time to not invite the sacred masculine in, but realize this was also their space all along. This is the way it was always done. Research any Indigenous culture on this planet and you will find women AND MEN, in strong sacred roles, representing their community in respect and honour of our Earth Mother. Men have lived for our Earth Mother, died for our Earth Mother, and have been part of the sacred and beautiful union that brings balance to our Earth and to ourselves. Men are the fertile balance of both humanity and the representation of gods in the divine son, warrior and lover to our Goddess. 

Our Earth Mother has always had her Sacred Sons and Daughters in her service, and she does not simply prefer it that way- she requires it. The sacred spinning of Goddess spirituality is not women’s spirituality, it belongs to us all.


Copyright 2010 Oakwillow. All rights reserved.


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Imbolc (Oimelc- ewe’s milk)

 Timing of Imbolc 


Sun moves into Aquarius (Uranus and Saturn energy) usually falls 40 days after Winter Solstice and is midway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.  It is usually celebrated August 1st /2nd in the Southern Hemisphere and the start of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

The most accurate timing for Imbolc 2010 is August 8 (00:45 Sydney time)


Stories and history of Imbolc

In Irish, Imbolc (pronounced im’olk) from the Old Irish, meaning “in the belly” (i mbolg), refers to the turn in the season and the subsequent pregnancy of ewes, and is also a Celtic term for Spring. Another name is Oimelc, meaning “ewe’s milk”. Milk was poured into the ground at this time, nurturing the Mother.

It is known as the ‘feast of the waxing light’ as the Goddess returns from the underworld a pregnant virgin. It is the time of new beginnings, as the land is made pure to prepare for spring. It is the rite of the maiden, a time for celebrating new beginnings, purity and initiations. The maiden passes through the country blessing the land. It is a fire and moon rite. Goddesses that feature are Bridget (fire, women’s magick, fertility) and Blodewedd (maiden initiator, lunar mysteries and owl) Brighid’s Crosses are made from wheat stalks and exchanged as symbols of protection and prosperity in the coming year. The Maiden is honored, and traditionally Straw Brideo’gas (corn dollies) were created from oat or wheat straw and placed in baskets with white flowers. Young girls carried the Brideo’gas door to door, and collected gifts. The dolls were layed on sacred bark of birch, broom, or white willow.  Older women made special acorn wands for the dollies to hold.

The Winter Crone Calleach sends a dragon to kill the maiden Bridget of spring. Brigit sends a lamb and wins, thus becoming the time of the maiden. We celebrate the growth of the young horned God and chant the Mother back to the Earth. The next waning moon is said to take away the rains.

Fire and purification rites have been used for centuries during Imbolc. Fire represents the increasing Sun, and also the power to transform and cleanse the spirit.


In Australia Wattle day is also celebrated around this season, and is a highly appropriate use of flower for Imbolc as the land bursts into this bright, joyous and abundant flower. This rich maiden time is often used as a time to bless the home and garden, let go of the old and prepare for new growth. Herbs, mixed with milk, honey and white or yellow flowers are used to bless the garden and traditionally young girls in white would bless the fields.

Candles burn in house and garden for Fire Goddess Brigit, and to welcome and lure back the sunshine. Honey cakes are baked, to share and to leave as an offering with candles during the night.  A white silk ribbon or clothing was also hung outside the doorstep for blessing on this night. Traditionally Celts use ribbons to tie/knot a wish or commitment and tie ribbons into the trees to send the wish on the wind. The clothes or ribbon were kept for 12 months as protection from harm.



Peacock, moon, white or yellow flowers (I use white eucalypt and wattle)  and symbols of the maiden


Herbs and Trees

Birch-renewal, new beginnings 

Basil- initiations, cleansing

Ash-re-birth/ continual circle between worlds

Angelica- visions, joy

Heather and white and pink flowers- alter decorations

Rosemary- enhance memory, protection of home and purification, enhances energy

Myrrh- spiritual awareness, brings peace


Things to do at Imbolc


·         Use herbs, mixed with milk, honey and white flowers and bless your garden or local lakes and parks.

·         Burn candles in the house and garden for Fire goddess Brigit, and to welcome and lure back the sunshine.

·         Bake honey cakes and leave as an offering with candles during the night. Buttered bread and milk may also be left.

·         Make straw brigets crosses

·         Put white flowers and light white candles throughout the house\

·         Write or read poetry and tell stories.

·         Hang a white silk ribbon or piece of lace outside the doorstep for blessing on this night. 

·         Decorate or build a new alter in white for the season(white shells, white feathers, sage, quartz crystals etc)

·         Cleanse and bless your home

·         Think about what is new and being dreamed or birthed in your life and celebrate that beginning in ritual

·         Dance, sing,  play

·         Spend time with young children, or host a special children’s Imbolc sleep over with everyone dressed in white and play games into the night

·         Make corn dollies for Bridget

·         Self purification rites eg smudging and water blessings

·         Write a blessing or poem for your child, or a child close to you

·         Make Priapic Wands (acorn tipped) made as the season warms to spring as a symbol of male fertility

·         have a group of women over dressed in white and plan something creative, writing, art, clay (maybe bring a change of clothes for messy art) J

·         Build a bon fire, celebrate, burn the old, cleansed and new from the Imbolc season

·         Place a candle in each room to welcome Bridget and to also welcome the rebirth of the Sun

·         Place a besom (Broom) by the front door to symbolize sweeping out the old and welcoming the new (Celtic custom)

The milk flows - as the Sun grows

The maiden sweeps in with her sweet, cool, crisp breath

and we are cleansed, washed clean….

Blessed with flowers, honey and the power of Her light

Reborn we are now seen…

Winter Solstice Ritual

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Friday, June 18, 2010
7:00pm - 11:00pm
MoonCourt, Blue Mountains, Australia


At this time when the Dark part of day is longest,
as Earth leans us away from Sun to the furthest point,You are invited to celebrate

Darkness reaches Her fullness, and yet …
She turns, and the seed of Light is born.
This is the season for the lighting of candles,
and receiving the Gift of Birth.
The story of Old tells us that on this night,
the Great Mother gives birth to the Divine Child
- ongoing Creativity, the New Young One within all.
We celebrate Her eternal Cosmogenesis,
and the Miracle of Being.

For more details contact:
BOOKING AND PREPARATION are essential for attendance

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Has your Moon Paused?…. written by DeAnna

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After years of cycling regularly, my period failed to come.

I was traveling abroad, while my husband was at home, so I knew I wasn’t pregnant. It dawned on me that this was the Gateway to Menopause, the first sign of my bodily clock winding down.

Finally, after 40 days, my womb flowed again.

Relief and sadness intermingled within me.

The relief stemmed from the freedom I remember feeling during my pregnancy and breastfeeding years… The grief grew out of realizing that my flow is preparing to halt.

Are you still cycling?

Are you in the midst of menopause?

And if not, are you aware that one day your flow will s/category/uncategorized/top.jpg…?

What is your relationship with any of the flowing stages you’re in, or with the lack there of?

Following my adolescence and early womanhood of cursing my menstruation, and seeing it as a bother and a nuisance, I have spent years familiarizing myself with my flow. I learned to embrace it and draw strength from it. I started appreciating its gifts of intuition, and its invitation to take time for resting, dreaming, creating, delving into my core, and simply Being.

Part of this journey for me was reclaiming different names for the menstrual cycle. MoonTime, Moon Flow, or simply my Flow, are words I use in honor of the connection between our cycles as women, and the cycles of the moon (both 28.5 days long).

These words acknowledge the similarities our bodies share with the moon: the cyclical nature, the ebb and flow, the emotional tides we experience… these are all natural rhythms, which we can ride as waves if we embrace them (or suffer from if we choose to fight them…)

If my cycle is a Moon Flow, than its ceasing is best described as Moon Pause!

Now that I’m faced with my Moon’s inevitable Pause, I am committed to be as conscious as I can during this journey of waning, partly in order to compensate, as best I can, for the unconsciousness that surrounded my first period…

Since most of us were not welcomed into womanhood when we came of age, we each have an opportunity to meet the ending of our cycling years with as much consciousness as we can muster.

How would you honor your transition, when it comes?

Or if your Moon has already paused, how can you honor the years you spent cycling?

When my Moon pauses, I will create a necklace, on which I want to dangle charms that represent my gratitude to the power of our blood to give life, and to open the veil into the depth of the Great Mystery.

I’m collecting these charms, individually, along my trails, in preparation for my Moon Pause.

The onset of my first period was an unconscious act, barely witnessed, and certainly not honored. The journey of saying goodbye to my cycling years is emerging as the exact opposite: a conscious journey of acknowledgment and reverence to the sacredness of my MoonTime.

I invite you to open the doorways of honoring your journey toward your Moon Pause…

As I write this, I still cycle regularly. I realize, once again, that I am not in control… Birthing took place in my body’s own good time, not mine. And so is the winding down of my cyclical clock, being carried out by its own good rhythm. Teaching me patience and humbling me, yet again, to its miracle.

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DeAnna L’am

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Goddess Gathering in Melbourne

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You are Invited to a
Goddess Gathering in Melbourne
April 9-11th 2010





we have a new look website

CHECK it out!  



Thank you to Katrin Chrysaphis








15, 16, 17 October 2010 

at the

Albert Park Waterways







who is Weaver

The Ancient One who protects,
provides and inspires play:
She who serves community
and shares the wisdoms of her life.
She who listens and heals
She who holds the vision
and SHE who births and nourishes
the threads of weaving Sacred Womans Way … 



SHE who is Weaver


Goddess Gathering




Venue:  Gaia’s Garden ~ Kew East




What is the role of Goddess women/movement in bringing
about positive change in the world?This gathering is designed to bring women together from around Australia to discuss a series of questions including:




• Who is the Goddess? What do we mean when we talk about Her? Is it Goddess or the Goddess?
• What difference do we want to make in the world and how can/do we do that?
• How do we represent ourselves to others?
• How do we relate to pagans, witches, wicca, women in traditional church settings?
• What are our connections with ecology and environmental movement(s)?

Key Presenters:

• Jenny Cameron: Co-convener Gaia’s Garden, Creative visualization and ritual
• Patricia Corner: Convener Goddess Association in Australia
• Red Catherine Johns: Environmentalist and Romany
• Coralie Ling: Retired Uniting Church Minister (TBC)
• Dr Glenys Livingstone: Author of ‘PaGaian Cosmology: Reinventing Earth Based Goddess Religion, Teacher and Presenter
• Jane Meredith: Reclaiming Australia, Priestess and author of ‘Aphrodite’s Magic’
• Anique Radiant Heart: Singer and Ritual Creatrix
• Dr Patricia Rose: Teacher, Facilitator, Presenter
• Lynne Sinclair-Woods: Presenter, Artist
• Chris Sitka: Researcher, Presenter
• Dr Tricia Szirom: Co-convener of Gaia’s Garden and Facilitator
• Avril Webb: Ritual Creatrix and Coordinator of Melbourne’s Goddess Conference.
Special Guest:
thea Gaia: Creator of the Goddess Posters, mentor and inspiration to the Goddess community in Australia.

Cost: $120 to cover meals, refreshments and materials
Venue: 11 Munro St Kew East 3102
Information: 03 98592292


GaiasGarden ~



 v v v










15, 16, 17 October 2010 

at the Community Hall
Albert Park Waterways







Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010

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Full details of Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010

Celebrating the Goddess of Love 28th July-1st August with Fringe events from 26thJuly


Now available on our website With contributions from Alessandra Belloni, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Deonesea la Fey, Freddie Foosiya Miller, Georgina Sirett-Hardie, Grael Corsini, Isabella Verbruggen, Isabella Weber, Jacqui Woodward-Smith, Jane Meredith, Jay Keshava, Joanne Foucher, Julie Felix, Kathy Jones, Katinka Soetens, Kay Dayton, Kellianna, Koko Newport, Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson, Loes Moezelaar, Lydia Lite, Lynne Orchard, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Mike Jones, Miriam Wallraven, Natasha Wardle, Nicki Mackay, Oona McFarlane, Oshia Drury, Peter Wood, Rose Flint, Sally Pullinger, Tegwyn Hyndman and Trevor Nuthall. Plus priestesses of the Goddess and Avalon and other traditions, helpful Melissas and lots lovely more women and men.

With Ceremonies, Adorations and Praise Songs to the Goddess of Love, Sensuality, Sexuality and Beauty, the Goddess as Lover. We honour Her as the beautiful Flower Goddess Blodeuwedd, who is also Owlface, as Nimue of the Glass Isle, Elen of the Trackways, Ertha the Earth, Sheela na Gig of the Gateways, Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel, Gerwyn the Virgin Foot-holder, Eostre of Springtime and Nolava the Lover, Lady of Avalon. We will celebrate many aspects of Love, from self love, to the love in our relationships, sexual love, and spiritual love.

Participate in inspiring workshops, listen to fascinating presentations, see beautiful artwork & stalls, performances, music, song, poetry and dance. Fill your heart with Her Love and Beauty. Join one of Nine Heart Circles for support and to participate fully in Ceremonies throughout the Conference. Dance the night away at the Goddess Gala Buffet and Masque and join our Procession through the Landscape to Chalice Hill with a Red Fruit and Chocolate Feast!  

Email for further information

Image of Blodeuwedd, Goddess of Flowers by Yuri Leitch, www, 


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Is a 3 DAY WEEKEND RETREAT held at Bornhoffen PCYC

near the Natural Bridge inland from Nerang


Held from Friday 31 July to 2nd August 2009


This is an opportunity to come and experience a workshop program presented by many wonderful facilitators

sharing their gifts and experience throughout a weekend of many and varied activities.

This is a chance to dance, play, relax and rediscover your

See the attached brochure for information on registration and workshop program and presenters sacred self. 

Participate in a wonderful workshop program intended to awaken the body, mind and spirit.

Leave the cooking to someone else as you enjoy the primarily vegetarian cuisine that your body will love.



check out the website for full details of the weekend event .

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GAIA- Goddess Conference 2009

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Be welcome…Come join us

as we immerse ourselves in Ceremony, Ritual, Song,

Music, Dance, Creative Play, Spoken Word, Laughter

& Five Flames of the Sacred Temple of Magdalena




Celebrates, Unites & Supports Women in the Wider Community



Sat Oct 31st, Sun Nov 1st 2009


Platters of Exotic delights: Delicious, fresh Morning

& AfternoonTea & Lunch Tea & coffee provided



Wendy Rule-Thea Gaia - Patricia Corner - Julie Walton-Tess Elliott - Louise Bell - Bilawara Lee

Anique Radiant Heart - Alicia Sherwood-Mel Creamer - Tricia Szirom - Lynn Guy-Amrita Hobbs - Elizabeth Jane Lotscher

Lucy Cavendish - Tanna Kjaer-Dona-Ganga Ashworth - Glenys Livingstone-Lynne Sinclair-Wood - Jane Meredith

Jane Hardwicke Collings – Tanishka- Dede Callichy - Barbara Sheehy


G A I A  i s  a  not - f o r - pr o f i t or g an i s a ti o n


Wendy Rule Concert $25

Friday Evening  7.30 PM, 30 October



Standard $50 Associate $35(available for under 18’s)


Stalls available to conference participants for $70


Alicia 0402 656 243 Patricia 07 5545 4837 - 0424 713 959 / GAIA Inc PO Box 60 Nth Tamborine QLD 4272


CONFERENCE PRICES:* A l l t i ck ets a r e Pr e - Pa i d


*3 day ticket & concer t Member $220 Non-Member $270

*Day only Sat or Sun Member $160 Non-Member $190

*Full Conference & Membership Standard $260 Renewal &250



ALBERT WATERWAYS COMMUNITY CENTRE Cnr Hooker & Sunshine Blvds, Mermaid Waters QLD













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