The Australian Goddess Conference- Resonating with the Earth Mother

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The Australian flame

The Australian flame

2011 Australian Goddess Conference ‘Resonating with the Earth Mother’

After so many months of preparation the 2011 Australian Goddess Conference ‘resonating with the Earth Mother’ arrived. We built the temple, hung the Goddess banners, built the elemental altars and began. The inspiring Kathy Jones came to do a workshop on the set up day. I sat mesmerised as I learnt about the Morgan’s behind the mists and the development of the Mothers wheel in the sacred isle that is Avalon. Kathy spoke of people being struck with inspiration and then crashing into the dark mother when entering the land of Avalon. Suddenly my crash that followed my dance and deep connection on the Tor made sense. SHE had pulled me into being, stripped me bare, first to show me the beauty and magick of Avalon, then to show me the pain that I needed to heal.

I felt a sense of joy sitting next to Gede Palmer. Feeling his love of the Earth Mother flowing through his body as we chanted and sung. Knowing my friend Jack was outside the room building altars for Her. Both men of deep connection with our Earth Mother, men who finally could be part of celebrating together. I listened to the circle of women introducing themselves, talking about being this circle with their sisters over and over again. I felt a level of invisibility fall over Gede and a twist form in my stomach that was hard to give voice to. I have read the surveys over years calling for men to be present, ‘where are our sacred sons?’ ‘Why isn’t GAIA a whole community?’ ‘Why am I forced to travel this wonderful path of the Goddess and leave my partner behind?’ …Yet here we are, only a few men here, but an invisibility remains over their presence. I find my mind drifting with trepidation for what will come of this weekend. The members have asked for an inclusive open community…but I find myself wondering are they really ready for it?

On the first day everyone is buzzing outside the temple…The board members are all tense. So much preparation, weekend meetings, combined with lack of sleep and a registration line now running out the door. I want to so much to connect with them before ceremony, we are about the cast circle and begin this journey…but I can’t even get near them. I try and centre myself for ceremony and just as my energy feels like it is going a million different directions Aunty Ruby Rose taps me on the shoulder. I burst into tears with the love of seeing her. Powerful Elder and grandmother of this land, with such gentle heart. She asks to sing the ancestors before we begin our ceremonies. We walk to each altar, she sings, and the sound of her clap sticks centres my spirit. She whispers some gentle words of support, she offers words from the ancestors about tonight’s ceremony, then like the sweet gentle wind she disappears again.

Anique Radiant Heart sings us into circle and we walk into the place of the Earth Mother. I welcome everyone and the elemental Priestesses call the elements with passion. Everyone sings and women walk around blessing everyone with the elements, smudging, ochres, water blessings and fire bowls fill the space. The sacred dance to the Bee Goddess then buzzes through the circle. After working in our groves we sing the Earth is our mother and end in high celebration.

On Friday I do two workshops, Kathy Jones workshop that connects us to Avalon and Gede Palmer and Jane Meredith’s workshop…stepping through the boundaries. Kathy inspires me as I see the whole community, men, women, children all in joy and celebration of the Earth Mother. We see art installations, political activism, ritual, music and joy celebrated in Avalon. She talks about the flame of Avalon and what it has meant for the community over time….mmmmm I ponder on tonight’s ritual to come. What will come of our Australian flame? Now just sparks in this space…

In Jane and Gede’s workshop I find a familiar rhythm of music and the beat of the Earth. Gedes poetry hits me at my core and sends my spirit soaring. Jane’s Earth breath inspires me…to breathe out…is the Earth breathing in…to breath in…is Her breathing out. This circular flow and rhythm speaks to me…I find myself connecting even in a place where I usually hold back from this type of work.

Friday nights ceremonies begin….I talk about the creation of the fame of Australia. Created from a spark from the Sun at Spring Equinox, sparked onto gum leaves, surrounded by birds, with respect for the Law of this land and then connected to the flame of Bridget in Ireland. I talk of the ancient traditions of sharing the flame and light of the Goddess. A practice that is thousands of years old and is being re-lit all around the world. I talk about my discussions with Aunty Ruby about wanting to bring this flame here and chant it to life with the power of the community. She gently redirects me to a place of silence. She has told me not to start a new flame- but rather reach back into the ancient wisdoms of this land and these ancestors…she has spoken about the power of silence. Grandmother Bilawara Lee has also spoken about walking gently on the Earth.

We all sit in circle, in our own way we give thanks to the Earth Mother of this ancient land and to the Indigenous people of this nation that have cared for her since the beginning of time. Then we ask for the ancestors blessings into the flame of Australia. The claps sticks beat next to me, and there is a strong energy flow through us, between us and within us. Bilawara and I walk around the circle and people offer a word under their breath, a gift for the flame. So softly whispered only I can hear each person, yet almost everyone says the same word. Such beautiful love and intent from so many, my heart is wide open. Jane Meredith then leads us in creating the energies of this landscape. Then I place the elements of this country in the centre of the circle. Kathy Jones enters, the Lady of Avalon walking into our mists. She mixes our earth, with the Earth of Avalon, she mixes our water, with the waters of Avalon, she mixes air from a jar and then lights the flame of Avalon candle. She adds the flame of Avalon to our Australian flame and then takes a candle to light our Australian flame in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple next week. With this sacred alchemy, we are one, with this sacred alchemy our lands connect through time and place. We all chant …deep in the earth I go, deep into the Earth know…as we all mark ourselves with the magick of this alchemy and all collect a light from this powerful flame.

I miss most of the Saturday morning ritual while I comfort a baby that just woke up and really didn’t want to be dragged into a group of 120 people. So I sit in the gardens (against a tree avoiding the swooping magpies) and wait for the morning break. I manage to see a little of Dani’s dancing the elements into the mornings circle and then Tricia and Kathy talk about Goddess imagery in this country and beyond. The day is filled with amazing presenters, room changes, workshops moving, going overtime, late caterers and I try to remember to breathe while everyone comes running at us expecting instant answers. I am grateful that tonight is concert night - time to let off steam.

Anique sings the songs of Goddess, Shekhinah Morgan memorises with her dance, Ganga sings with such beauty, Sue Gee cracks me up with amazing songs about paganism, Wendy Rule shakes the walls and every cell of our bodies with her voice, and then Laura doe Harris comes onto the stage…Hollie B leans over and says have you seen her before? No I say quite casually- not quite ready for a giant vulva to walk on stage and start talking to me. Laughter of so many turned to hysterical tears of joy. My almost 2 year old watches the dancing singing vulva for a moment, quite seriously…then decides to just start some wild baby dancing. She finds a toddler and they runs up and down the aisles skipping and a dancing together until the end of the night.

As always the third day of conference is one of reflection. The morning workshops are on…yet several women sit under trees staring into the distance. I check in with a few people I know and talk to some of my oakwillow students sitting out in the gardens. I get the same answer…yes I am REALLY good, this is the first weekend I can remember I have had time for me, time to think, time to dream, just to be. The busyness of the first days have passed and now is the time of peace. A friend of mine who is a well-known Indigenous artist is sitting in the gardens sketching ideas for the first time in a long time. It is nice to see the calmness flowing over the space now.

As the calm fills the space and people sit in joy of what they have experienced. I realise that every community has bumps along the way, especially during times of growth and change, that’s part of honouring and celebrating the diversity that we are. Perhaps my queer identity helps me sit more comfortably with diversity and lack of consensus? Change is forever here…it just is… But beyond our differences, we all have a love of the Earth Mother, and she has resonated strongly in my heart this weekend. It is this love that we share that will be the grounding of this Goddess community. This will help continue to build it into a space where everything and everyone that holds that love can celebrate in great joy with us for years to come. We all come to the Earth Mother in our own diverse ways, as it should be…and while this song hold many harmonies, in our hearts we all hold her flame.

To see all the photos of the conference go to!/goddessassociation 

Jodie Danaan

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Winter Solstice | Yuletide: Turn the Wheel of Change

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Start Time:
Friday, June 18, 2010 at 3:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 3:00pm
Forgotten Valley Country Retreat | 1.5 hrs nth of Syd
Singleton Rd
Wisemans Ferry, Australia
Have you ever wanted to gather in the depth of Winter among kindred souls who really value the traditional ways of celebrating the turning of the season’s tide?

Well join us this coming Winter Solstice around the midnight fires and help us turn the wheel of the year.

Come warm the very depths of your Soul with a sumptuous Yuletide Feast with all the trimmings - fine foods, mulled wines and indulgent winter puddings …..

Enjoy the songs and sounds of our resident Wayward Minstrels ….

Experience sacred traditional ceremony ….

Gather together to share our dreams, tarot, spells and ancient symbols so that we may set free our deepest desires from the fierce grip of winter’s cold embrace.

Let your hosts - Suzanne Naseby (WytchyWays), Tim Hartridge (OzPagan) and Tori Collins (WitchesWorkshop - take you on a journey to the enchanted Heart of Winter this Winter season and create for you a Yuletide celebration you’ll not forget.

This retreat is open to men and women.

$550 … but if you book with a friend, your friend pays only $450! (or $500 each)


• 2 nights twin share accommodation for you and your friend in 3 star B&B style rooms in comfy private cottages featuring spa baths and fire places in the lounge rooms and your own kitchen - all linen provided

• All delicious meals prepared by local restaurant owners Jenny & Kevin Moulton from the Fickle Wombat in St Albans. These meals includes: self catered full country breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, hot buffet lunch on Saturday and a hearty Yule Feast with all the trimmings on Saturday night - special diets catered for

• A beautiful Wiccan Winter Solstice Ritual based on a rich tapestry of Yule traditions

• Live entertainment by the amazing Wayward Minstrels who will lead medieval dancing on Saturday night after the feast

• All workshop materials

We can arrange a shuttle bus to pick you up from the airport and take you out to the retreat and back again at the end.

Hold vigil with us on the darkest night of the year as we welcome the warmth and light of the returning Sun!

For more information about this retreat:

We invite you to join us in a weekend of transformation, change and celebration.

“The Saturday night ritual and log fire was a beautiful moment in time that captured the intensity of Yule. I will cherish it forever.” Mascia, SA

“This weekend has been a mind-blowing, life-changing event. The energy in the rituals was beyond the scale of anything else I have experienced before; the loving, caring community environment made me feel at home.” Rebecca, NSW

“The retreat was in a word, MAGICAL.” Sonya, ACT

“A perfect weekend retreat brilliantly organised and all comforts taken care of. I just wanted to congratulate you Suzanne on the terrific job you did with planning, organising and presenting EVERYTHING - no mean feat!!!! … I appreciated the work that went into it and after it! Thank you dear Suzanne - I loved it.” Gail, NSW

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Glastonbury Goddess Temple Events

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Embodiment of the Lady of Avalon
Wednesday 28th April 2010
Glastonbury Goddess Temple, The Courtyard, Glastonbury Experience.

This is your opportunity to be with the Lady of Avalon as embodied by Her priestess, a chance to receive Her blessings, to express your love for Her to Her physical Presence.

7.00-9.00pm Please arrive promptly.
Minimum donation £10

Glastonbury Goddess Temple 
Beltane Ceremony Celebrating the Goddess of Love
Friday 30th April 2010
Glastonbury Goddess Hall, Benedict Street
7.30pm prompt
By Donation


Ceremonial Goddess Healing Day
Bank Holiday Monday 31st May 2010
at Glastonbury Goddess Hall, 
Benedict St, Glastonbury
between 1.00pm and 4.00pm

On this special Ceremonial day all those in need of healing will be lead first of all through a cleansing process, so that they can come into the body, open their hearts and prepare themselves to receive the healing that they need. Patients will be cleansed/smudged with healing incenses, then blessed with fire and water, and ceremonially prepared to receive deep energetic healing from Goddess Temple Healers.
We  use a new form of “hands on” energetic healing, in which two or three people work together with one patient. We begin by calling in the presence of the Lady of Avalon, Goddess of this Sacred Land, as well as healing angels, guides and guardians, to help heal the person. We then lay healing hands on the body and the aura, and make sounds with the breath to help clear blockages and resistances. We also work with drums, rattles, gong, singing bowls and bells. This short, but very effective healing experience has benefited many people who have enjoyed being bathed in the Goddess’s healing energies. 

If you have a pain, an illness, an anxiety or a crisis in your soul, then this healing experience might help you.
Please arrive at any time between 1.00pm and 4.00pm.
Open to all.   All donations gratefully received for the Goddess Temple. 
Priestesses and Melissas give their time freely on this healing day




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Remembering the Ancestors

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Remembering the Ancestors

Waring Wombat Season


Friday 30th April


This particular ritual is one of deep meaning in the ancient traditions and, in Australia, it is the time when we remember those women and children who are the innocent victims of war. When we also remember and honour those women who fought for the rights of women – those who have gone before.

This is the night when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, when the ancestors are able to visit us and give from their great wisdom.


Gather for the ritual at 6:30pm

11 Munro St Kew East

Bring food to share and

A photo or memento of someone you want to remember

RSVP: 98592292


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Celebrate Her rich Story through creative movement, sacred dance & story~telling.

Return to the Temple of Ishtar and reconcile your feminine sensuality with your spirituality. 

Experience the flight of Lilith, the ‘screech owl’ and wind-spirit of the dark night.  

Discover her alchemical transformation by acknowledging the shadow of the Dark Goddess.

Lilith is the wild, free, instinctive and passionate woman!   She is not for the faint-hearted. 

Astrologically this is connected to the Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith & the ‘Black Moon’.

This three-fold journey represents the return of feminine healing & wisdom throughout the ages. 

Discover Lilith’s gift of initiation, by ruthlessly cutting away

what is no longer needed in our lives … delve into the darkness to resurrect the healing

and liberate the potency of our true magical selves.

 Experience Lilith‘s Story as Your Own!

 Saturday 17th April 9.30am-4pm

 Investment:  $90 

$30 deposit required to confirm your booking.   

Please provide your time, date & place of birth.

* No Astrology experience is necessary for this workshop *

 Facilitated within a Sacred Feminine Circle.

Venue: North Tamborine (exact location to be confirmed) 

Tea & coffee / Light refreshments provided


If you are interested in booking or you require further information

please contact Mikailah 0415 131125 / 07 5545 4784 /


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Goddess Gathering in Melbourne

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You are Invited to a
Goddess Gathering in Melbourne
April 9-11th 2010





we have a new look website

CHECK it out!  



Thank you to Katrin Chrysaphis








15, 16, 17 October 2010 

at the

Albert Park Waterways







who is Weaver

The Ancient One who protects,
provides and inspires play:
She who serves community
and shares the wisdoms of her life.
She who listens and heals
She who holds the vision
and SHE who births and nourishes
the threads of weaving Sacred Womans Way … 



SHE who is Weaver


Goddess Gathering




Venue:  Gaia’s Garden ~ Kew East




What is the role of Goddess women/movement in bringing
about positive change in the world?This gathering is designed to bring women together from around Australia to discuss a series of questions including:




• Who is the Goddess? What do we mean when we talk about Her? Is it Goddess or the Goddess?
• What difference do we want to make in the world and how can/do we do that?
• How do we represent ourselves to others?
• How do we relate to pagans, witches, wicca, women in traditional church settings?
• What are our connections with ecology and environmental movement(s)?

Key Presenters:

• Jenny Cameron: Co-convener Gaia’s Garden, Creative visualization and ritual
• Patricia Corner: Convener Goddess Association in Australia
• Red Catherine Johns: Environmentalist and Romany
• Coralie Ling: Retired Uniting Church Minister (TBC)
• Dr Glenys Livingstone: Author of ‘PaGaian Cosmology: Reinventing Earth Based Goddess Religion, Teacher and Presenter
• Jane Meredith: Reclaiming Australia, Priestess and author of ‘Aphrodite’s Magic’
• Anique Radiant Heart: Singer and Ritual Creatrix
• Dr Patricia Rose: Teacher, Facilitator, Presenter
• Lynne Sinclair-Woods: Presenter, Artist
• Chris Sitka: Researcher, Presenter
• Dr Tricia Szirom: Co-convener of Gaia’s Garden and Facilitator
• Avril Webb: Ritual Creatrix and Coordinator of Melbourne’s Goddess Conference.
Special Guest:
thea Gaia: Creator of the Goddess Posters, mentor and inspiration to the Goddess community in Australia.

Cost: $120 to cover meals, refreshments and materials
Venue: 11 Munro St Kew East 3102
Information: 03 98592292


GaiasGarden ~



 v v v










15, 16, 17 October 2010 

at the Community Hall
Albert Park Waterways







Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010

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Full details of Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010

Celebrating the Goddess of Love 28th July-1st August with Fringe events from 26thJuly


Now available on our website With contributions from Alessandra Belloni, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Deonesea la Fey, Freddie Foosiya Miller, Georgina Sirett-Hardie, Grael Corsini, Isabella Verbruggen, Isabella Weber, Jacqui Woodward-Smith, Jane Meredith, Jay Keshava, Joanne Foucher, Julie Felix, Kathy Jones, Katinka Soetens, Kay Dayton, Kellianna, Koko Newport, Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson, Loes Moezelaar, Lydia Lite, Lynne Orchard, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Mike Jones, Miriam Wallraven, Natasha Wardle, Nicki Mackay, Oona McFarlane, Oshia Drury, Peter Wood, Rose Flint, Sally Pullinger, Tegwyn Hyndman and Trevor Nuthall. Plus priestesses of the Goddess and Avalon and other traditions, helpful Melissas and lots lovely more women and men.

With Ceremonies, Adorations and Praise Songs to the Goddess of Love, Sensuality, Sexuality and Beauty, the Goddess as Lover. We honour Her as the beautiful Flower Goddess Blodeuwedd, who is also Owlface, as Nimue of the Glass Isle, Elen of the Trackways, Ertha the Earth, Sheela na Gig of the Gateways, Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel, Gerwyn the Virgin Foot-holder, Eostre of Springtime and Nolava the Lover, Lady of Avalon. We will celebrate many aspects of Love, from self love, to the love in our relationships, sexual love, and spiritual love.

Participate in inspiring workshops, listen to fascinating presentations, see beautiful artwork & stalls, performances, music, song, poetry and dance. Fill your heart with Her Love and Beauty. Join one of Nine Heart Circles for support and to participate fully in Ceremonies throughout the Conference. Dance the night away at the Goddess Gala Buffet and Masque and join our Procession through the Landscape to Chalice Hill with a Red Fruit and Chocolate Feast!  

Email for further information

Image of Blodeuwedd, Goddess of Flowers by Yuri Leitch, www, 


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GAIA- Goddess Conference 2009

Posted by Jodie, 25 May 2009 12:13 PM | PERMALINK


Be welcome…Come join us

as we immerse ourselves in Ceremony, Ritual, Song,

Music, Dance, Creative Play, Spoken Word, Laughter

& Five Flames of the Sacred Temple of Magdalena




Celebrates, Unites & Supports Women in the Wider Community



Sat Oct 31st, Sun Nov 1st 2009


Platters of Exotic delights: Delicious, fresh Morning

& AfternoonTea & Lunch Tea & coffee provided



Wendy Rule-Thea Gaia - Patricia Corner - Julie Walton-Tess Elliott - Louise Bell - Bilawara Lee

Anique Radiant Heart - Alicia Sherwood-Mel Creamer - Tricia Szirom - Lynn Guy-Amrita Hobbs - Elizabeth Jane Lotscher

Lucy Cavendish - Tanna Kjaer-Dona-Ganga Ashworth - Glenys Livingstone-Lynne Sinclair-Wood - Jane Meredith

Jane Hardwicke Collings – Tanishka- Dede Callichy - Barbara Sheehy


G A I A  i s  a  not - f o r - pr o f i t or g an i s a ti o n


Wendy Rule Concert $25

Friday Evening  7.30 PM, 30 October



Standard $50 Associate $35(available for under 18’s)


Stalls available to conference participants for $70


Alicia 0402 656 243 Patricia 07 5545 4837 - 0424 713 959 / GAIA Inc PO Box 60 Nth Tamborine QLD 4272


CONFERENCE PRICES:* A l l t i ck ets a r e Pr e - Pa i d


*3 day ticket & concer t Member $220 Non-Member $270

*Day only Sat or Sun Member $160 Non-Member $190

*Full Conference & Membership Standard $260 Renewal &250



ALBERT WATERWAYS COMMUNITY CENTRE Cnr Hooker & Sunshine Blvds, Mermaid Waters QLD













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MoonTree Ancient History Workshop

Posted by Jodie, 21 February 2009 2:45 PM | PERMALINK

Dear MoonTree Sisters,

You are invited to the first 2009 MoonTree Ancient History Workshop!

If you are interested in ancient religion, and its timeless significance for our lives and Paths today, and if you are hungry for some sacred time for yourself in the company of like-minded women, then please do come along to this special event, facilitated by Alicia Sherwood (M.A.) …

The Greek Eleusinian Mystery Cult

This Classical Greek mystery cult, which hearkens back to far earlier times, occupied a very important place in the religious and spiritual experience of the people of the time. In this workshop, we will explore ancient information and Lore about the:

 *Temple *Rites *Administration, priesthood and role of women *Mythology and spiritual significance of this cult of the Earth and the Mother /Daughter Goddesses Demeter and Persephone….


As with all MoonTree workshops, the day consists of a wonderful depth and array of information, as well as sacred experiential, creative and interactive aspects. Truly a rich and magical day!


When: Saturday 21st March, 10am-3pm

Where: North Tamborine (directions will be forward with confirmation of registration).

 Cost: $90 per woman, which includes all materials. Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share for lunch…


Registrations must be finalised one week prior to event. To confirm your place, please email Alicia at or phone 0402 656 243.


I look forward to welcoming you there!





Alicia Sherwood

M.A. (Ancient History)


PO Box 60 North Tamborine Q 4272

M: 0402 656 243





Moon Court Opening and Concert

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MoonCourt Opening:


new ritual space
dedicated to Her service,

with a concert
Wendy Rule

Blue Mountains
home of PaGaian Cosmology -

17th December 2008.

Bookings essential: email Glenys for details –

The MoonCourt is being built by local craftsperson, Jason Dash, using recycled building materials to produce a cob wall with Solstice windows and an Equinox marker. Its reciprocal roof frame has just recently been put in place. It is a sacred Court for Her rituals of never-ending renewal – the eternal Re-Creation which is represented in the Wheel of the Year, the phases of the Moon and all Being. For the latest photo of the emerging MoonCourt see:


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