I am a trained Priestess of Earth based Goddess spirituality and have been practising for over twenty years.  My traditions are deeply rooted Celtic spiritual traditions and working closely with the elements. I live my daily life in service of Mother Earth. I run a 13 month online course that start every April (Samhaine to Samhaine) that weaves with the wheel of the year. It is truly an honour to do this work and spin with the wonderful people doing magick studies through Oakwillow, deepening our connection to the Earth Mother. I am also the co-president of the GAIA, the Goddess Association in Australia, which hosts the annual Australain Goddess Conference.

I live with the rock of my life and great friend Shamus, who brings great laughter, loyalty and love into our home on a daily basis and my bright and happy daughter who is my greatest blessing. We share our home with two turtles and a crazy dog and are blessed to have a wonderful group of friends and family to share our lives with.

Outside of Oakwillow I also spend time working in the area of health promotion, providing education and raising awareness about issues such hepatitis B and C, drug use and sexual health, which takes me from prisons, to remote communities, to GP’s, to the media and to the Torres Strait Islands. I have used theatre as a means for education with young people about HIV/AIDS, drug use and sexual identity. I also have a BA in Sociology and Women’s studies and Sociology honours and I have also worked in government conducting research into crime, drug use and models of support for remote Aboriginal communities. This work has blessed me with the opportunity of working with Aboriginal communities in Australia and Canada and acquiring a deeper understanding of the intersections between health, land and spirituality. It has also taught me to be very grounded and evidence based when practising magick.

Magick has been a great inspiration throughout my life, from my first love, a great Willow tree who danced with me as a young child, to the Mountain who held my back every day while I recovered from violence and sexual abuse. For me, from the earliest days, it is the Earths call to which I have always sung. I have travelled back to my parent’s birthplace and sung to the Great Mother in the landscape of the British Isles.  Now weaving magick in Australia, while working with respect for the communities and traditions of this country, I live the traditions of my ancestors and honour the living work of the people who have learnt to listen to the Earths sacred rhythm today. 

Blessed Be


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