Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010

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Full details of Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2010

Celebrating the Goddess of Love 28th July-1st August with Fringe events from 26thJuly


Now available on our website With contributions from Alessandra Belloni, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Deonesea la Fey, Freddie Foosiya Miller, Georgina Sirett-Hardie, Grael Corsini, Isabella Verbruggen, Isabella Weber, Jacqui Woodward-Smith, Jane Meredith, Jay Keshava, Joanne Foucher, Julie Felix, Kathy Jones, Katinka Soetens, Kay Dayton, Kellianna, Koko Newport, Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson, Loes Moezelaar, Lydia Lite, Lynne Orchard, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Mike Jones, Miriam Wallraven, Natasha Wardle, Nicki Mackay, Oona McFarlane, Oshia Drury, Peter Wood, Rose Flint, Sally Pullinger, Tegwyn Hyndman and Trevor Nuthall. Plus priestesses of the Goddess and Avalon and other traditions, helpful Melissas and lots lovely more women and men.

With Ceremonies, Adorations and Praise Songs to the Goddess of Love, Sensuality, Sexuality and Beauty, the Goddess as Lover. We honour Her as the beautiful Flower Goddess Blodeuwedd, who is also Owlface, as Nimue of the Glass Isle, Elen of the Trackways, Ertha the Earth, Sheela na Gig of the Gateways, Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel, Gerwyn the Virgin Foot-holder, Eostre of Springtime and Nolava the Lover, Lady of Avalon. We will celebrate many aspects of Love, from self love, to the love in our relationships, sexual love, and spiritual love.

Participate in inspiring workshops, listen to fascinating presentations, see beautiful artwork & stalls, performances, music, song, poetry and dance. Fill your heart with Her Love and Beauty. Join one of Nine Heart Circles for support and to participate fully in Ceremonies throughout the Conference. Dance the night away at the Goddess Gala Buffet and Masque and join our Procession through the Landscape to Chalice Hill with a Red Fruit and Chocolate Feast!  

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Image of Blodeuwedd, Goddess of Flowers by Yuri Leitch, www, 


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