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Posted by Jodie, 14 October 2008 10:09 PM | PERMALINK


I am back from the Goddess Conference, Gold Coast Australia, filled with joy and tears. Still covered with ochre over my womb, in the marks of Gaia, the blood of the mother. From the moment we walked out in song Priestesses and initiates wearing our deep red cloaks and veils to meet the other great women attending, to the closing spiraling and shrieking witches dance that exploded into laughter and then deep resonance and song to the Earth Mother we were transforming, shedding and working with the Earth. We learnt a lot about drumming the elements and the rhythm and heart beat of the Earth, we heard about the power of Priestessing the Earth. I had the joy of watching how great Priestesses from around the country I have never met before called in the elements, singing in water, laughing in Air. We heard from an Elder Bilawara Lees about Song Lines and Aboriginal culture and the importance of people of Celtic decent stepping up and working their own Indigenous Law to bring balance. Many speakers talked about self love, and a sense of unity and love for both self and Earth. We heard about PaGaianess. Restoring these relationships, learning to receive the love of others and the Earth as well as nurture her. Understanding the relationship is circular and intention is powerful. We danced, we drummed, we chanted, we painted each other and exploded in our wildness. We learnt from Lucy Cavendish that one of the most powerful things you can do is simply grow food. Work with the Mother and begin the relationships with community of sharing food, working with each other. We walked the labyrinth into the Goddess and into ourselves to the great High Priestess and weaver of the conference and GAIA Patricia Corner. A simple yet powerful journey deeply spiraling in, and in, and in again. Now all over for another year until we spin again…

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  1. 1 Glenys Livingstone on October 22, 2008

    Great review of the Goddess Conference Jodie. Medusa Coils was looking for a review .. I don’t know if she found someone yet. If not maybe you would like to offer her this one? If it appeals, email me and I will send you her address.


  2. 2 Jodie on October 23, 2008

    thanks Glenys I’ll send it on :)Hope the pleasure and beauty of the Beltaine tide is treating you well
    blessed be

  3. 3 Shannon Locknane on January 4, 2012

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