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The Oakwillow site provides information based in Goddess Earth based traditions, facilitates an online correspondence course for the Southern wheel of the year and hosts the Oakwillow circle for the sharing of information that weaves Goddess communities across the web.

For centuries people have gained knowledge, nurturing and protection by honouring the old religions, Laws of the Earth and the Great Earth Mother. Every culture has used rites and rituals to signify birth, marriage, mark times of great transition or adversity, or to celebrate achievements or commemorate the passing of people we love. We have always marked moments of significance, and by focusing in ceremony, we are able to be in command of and have a deeper understanding of the shifts and turns of life.

While a period of disconnectedness with our Earth and her knowledge has occurred in recent times, many people still show respect for the old ways and use the gifts and ceremonies given by the Earth to strengthen their lives, gain knowledge and nurture the Earth by performing her ceremonies, as she nurtures us. Herbs, water, fire, salt and incenses are gifts created from the Mother to help expand our knowledge and lives. Use them wisely as those before you have done, and return them often to the Earth to help Her grow.

I am a Priestess of Earth based Goddess spirituality and have been practicing for over twenty years.  My traditions are deeply rooted in Celtic spiritual traditions and working closely with the elements. I have a strong focus in my teaching of developing and listening to the Earth Mother as she speaks here in the southern hempisphere and teach the wheel of the year with a southern spin. I live my daily life in service of Mother Earth and have developed a 13 month journey as well as a range of articles and information that helps us connect deeper into the Earth and to ourselves. May your own journey bring you great wonder and adventure…

Blessed be

Give more than you hope to receive, magick is circular, you nurture the Earth and She nurtures you. Always act with respect towards the Earth, the elements and knowledge they hold, and respect will be returned to you.

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